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Why on earth would people be interested in owning a 7 passenger SUV in an environment of rising gas prices? The answer is amazingly simple; these multi passenger SUVs are fuel efficient and often less costly to drive than mid-size sedans or minivans despite their large size appearance.

This is especially true when transporting a large family group or an entire school’s sports team with their equipment. There will be no need for a second or third vehicle to handle the load.

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Both foreign and domestic models are excellent candidates for mid-size range SUVs with 3 rows of seating. There are features like plenty of head room and leg room and loads of storage space that are consistent across the different makes and models while there are unique specialties amongst the various models.

For extra space between the front and back rows of seats, the Toyota Highlander’s middle row can fold down independent of the back row. This allows for a roomier atmosphere and the inside luxury of a larger vehicle. The Honda Pilot and the Dodge Durango seats seven and eight people comfortably.

The type of 7 passenger SUV desired by an individual depends entirely on how he intends to use the vehicle. For use only as an on road passenger conveyance for a family or as an office car pool, a 2 Wheel Drive, rear or front, would serve that purpose. The Ford Freestyle and the Nissan Murano are excellent on road SUVs. For those needing to carry heavy loads, extra large sporting or camping equipment, or in areas that experience heavy snow falls, an All Wheel Drive or 4 Wheel Drive is a better fit. The inside cargo storage space is important for transporting items for either business or pleasure. This space can range from 55.7 cubic feet in the Hummer H3 to a cavernous 108.9 cubic feet in the Buick Rendezvous. With consideration for a future sale of an SUV; the ones with All Wheel Drive or 4 Wheel Drive have a higher resale value.

For use in off road driving conditions the best models are the Hummer H3, the Nissan Xterra and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Kia Sorrento has complete independent suspension. Towing capacity also greatly differs between the SUVs from a low of 2,000 pounds by the Ford Freestyle to a new high of 8,500 pounds by the Chevrolet Tahoe.

Body style is another consideration. Some models, like the Hummer H3, maintain a boxy truck look while other models, like the Buick Rendezvous, look more like a sedan. Sedan style SUVs offer a smoother ride than the stiff ride of the truck styles. Body styles are continuously changing and it is advantageous to review the latest models to see if they have retained the desired appearance that one is looking for in a multi passenger SUV. The desired features in a 7 passenger SUV determines the basic cost which can range from the Kia Sorrento’s manufacturer’s suggested base price of $19,000 to the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s manufacturer’s suggested base price of $43,000 with the Hybrid models costing a bit more. The price of a vehicle will increase with each factory installed added feature not included in the base price.

Safety features are very important considerations when purchasing a multi passenger SUV. At the top of the list are antilock brakes and side curtain airbags. Other great safety systems are reverse cameras with rear view mirror vision or reverse sensors in the rear bumper area. Either system will alert the driver of any person or obstacle in their path when moving in reverse. Anti-skid and rollover sensors greatly aid drivers when on rough terrain or slippery roads. The sensors are able to detect the potential for a tipping situation and will signal the engagement of the anti-skid system to prevent loss of vehicle control.

The in-vehicle entertainment system, GPS, automatic rearview mirror dimmer when bright lights shine in the drivers eyes from the headlights of the vehicle behind, side mirror turn signals, blue tooth capability, hands-free oral commands, surround sound speakers, and satellite radio are not safety features but are extras that enhance the driving experience for both the driver and the passengers. It is always advisable to test drive a vehicle to find the one with the right feel and fit for one’s expectations.

With the current higher costs of gasoline, the miles per gallon used by a vehicle may be another consideration. The better performing 7 passenger SUVs have either 6 or 8 cylinders which will have a significant impact on gasoline usage. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is at the low end for mileage with an estimated 12-22 miles per gallons and the Toyota Highlander is at the upper end with an estimated 18-33 miles per gallon. Fuel tank capacity also covers a wide range from the Pontiac Torrent’s 16.6 gallon tank to the Isuzu Ascender 7 passenger and the Chevrolet TrailBlazer EXT’s 25 gallon tanks.

In all, there are over 3 dozen makes and models of 4 door 7 passenger SUVs with about half being sedan style and half being truck style. A person can save time and gas by doing some internet research of the models one is interest in before going from one dealership to another in search of the desired 7 passenger SUV. These sites can provide the greatest amount of detail and can assist in finding the exact location where a particular 7 passenger SUV is available for viewing and test driving. Websites can also help with the most current best pricing for a selected make and model.

The bottom line in purchasing the perfect 7 passenger SUV is that when someone wants certain specifications and features, there will be an SUV to fit that desire.

Choosing the Most Ideal 7 Passenger SUV for Your Family

If you are contemplating on buying a vehicle that can provide the best safety features for you and your family, consider buying a 7 Passenger SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle. This practical vehicle has features that can provide you with a safe, spacious, and comfortable ride. The sporty character of the vehicle allows you to rely on it to be a strong and sturdy machine.

The Benefits of Having a 7 Passenger SUV

According to recent statistics and studies, 5 to 7 percent less accidents occur with 7 Passenger SUVs than most other vehicles. This is because they offer more visibility qualities. Unlike compact cars and sedans, these SUVs can be more noticeable on the road.

These SUVs have several luxury features to make your ride comfortable. Needless to say, if you have a large family or are fond of going elsewhere with your extended family, this is the best vehicle for you. If you want to travel with only one other partner, you can load your car with all the things you need for a great trip.

There are spacious seats you can fold to accommodate the cargo you need to carry. The center row seats are movable to allow passengers to easily climb to the third row for a comfortable seating position. You can still place a small amount of cargo like shopping bags in the space behind the 3rd row.

The SUV offers safety not only of the passengers but the driver as well. Every vehicle is equipped with airbags and inflatable seat belts to cushion passengers in the event of an accident. Inflatable safety seat belts provide more protection than the standard ones.

A 7 Passenger SUV is durable and strong. This vehicle is known to carry people and heavy loads all in one ride. You can bring your family, pets, and all of your essentials on your next vacation.

The only disadvantage in owning this type of vehicle is that it can consume more fuel than a regular car. Usually, this is not surprising for those who choose to own a large SUV. The benefit is that the amount of service that you get from a 7 Passenger SUV surpasses all of the features of a regular car.

How to Choose the Right 7 Passenger SUV

If you have decided on getting one for your family, you are faced with the big task of choosing the right one to suit your needs. All the brands promise you with outstanding features and that makes many potential buyers more confused. You need to determine what to look for in an SUV.

You will need to choose a body type for your 7 Passenger SUV. Some minivans offer 7 Passenger seating capacity, but SUVs offer more space and load. The SUVs are also sturdier and sportier.

The next step is to choose the seat. If you want a 50/50 split seat that can be folded easily, the Toyota Highlander and the Ford Explorer are good choices for those who want this feature. The Chevy Transverse is sleek and the center rows are adjustable.

The features of SUVs are numerous so it is important to determine what you really like. The towing capacity of every SUV is different for all models. The Toyota Highlander, for instance, comes with a V6 engine and has a towing capacity of up to 5.000lbs. The 4-cylinder model can tow up to 3500lbs.

The Honda Pilot 4wd can haul 4500 lbs and the 2wd version is able to pull up to 3500 lbs. The Chevy Transverse can carry a load up to a weight of 5200 lbs. The Ford Explorer can carry as much as 7115 lbs. To top the list is the Infiniti QX56 which can haul as much as 8500 lbs.

In regards to safety features, The Honda Pilot is outfitted with curtain airbags on the sides to prevent rollovers and promote stability of the passengers. The Ford Explorer has a safety canopy style of protection called Roll Stability Control. Aside from that they offer the passengers with an inflatable kind of safety belt.

The Toyota Highlander has curtain airbags located on the sides and a knee airbag to protect the driver. The Infiniti QX56 has features that can prevent a future collision. It can sense the coming of an approaching vehicle.

As soon as this happens, the brakes are pressurized beforehand to allow them to be more responsive according to your needs. This means that even before an accident occurs, the car can sense the event. Nevertheless, this car has tons of safety features to protect passengers in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Regarding entertainment systems, most SUVs are equipped with the latest gadgets. Internet TVs, DVD systems, cable satellites, and others are offered by most SUVs. The entertainment criteria might not affect the functionality of the vehicle, but they can have a great impact on your kids and other passengers.

Some SUVs have sun or moon roofing to allow passengers the chance to get the taste of the outdoors while in the vehicle. Second row passengers are usually more pleased when you have this option. The Ford Explorer is one model that offers this roofing style.

Fuel efficiency is still another factor to consider. This is a very important factor to consider since the prices of fuel during this time are very unstable. If you are not sure about this factor, you can contact your favorite mechanic or driver and ask more about about this.

The budget and price aspects is the most important thing you have to decide upon. Getting a new SUV entails that you do thorough research on all of the features of the car and the price tag that goes with it. Before making a decision, learn about the terms of payment.

You can purchase a new or used SUV. It is better to pay in cash, but there are easy installment plans on the market today. If necessary, ask your friends, relatives, and your trusted mechanic on the best dealership in town.

There are a lot of dealers in town and all of them are offering competitive prices. The best dealership in town should be able to match your credit requirements and help you get the vehicle you prefer. Once you are able to do all of these steps, you can now test drive the 7 Passenger SUV of your choice.


Welcome to 7PassengerSUV.Info, the best place on the web to find information that you need about 7 passenger sport utility vehicle. The SUV has come a long way over the years and with the advent of modern technology, big and “gas guzzler” do not have to be synonymous with one another. In fact, many of the larger SUVs, including 7 passenger SUVs, are among the most environmentally-friendly and green choices for the modern consumer. Yes, you can have your ‘cake’ and eat it, too, with the newer generation of SUVs that do not forego luxury in the name of fuel conservation. Now a mom can haul around half the soccer team, their gear, and the family dog, all in one trip, and all in luxury, too.

Benefits of Owning a 7 Passenger SUV

There are a number of benefits for the owner of the 7 passenger SUV, and many compelling reasons to buy one. An SUV of this size provides the best of a pickup, van and car. A mid-sized 7 passenger SUV has a good balance of engine power, fuel economy and interior room while still offering enhanced towing capacity. As a general rule, the SUV can be appealing to a number of different drivers since they provide versatile cargo space that is just slightly less than what is afforded by a minivan. The SUV also gives the driver a higher driving position than a car, which can be important to some driers. The 7 passenger SUV has a varying amount of capacity to tow, depending on which model you buy. Most models offer third row seating, which makes for a more comfortable group of passengers, especially if you are planning on taking long trips. The 7 passenger SUV can be found with four wheel drive or all wheel drive trains, which makes them a go-to choice when the weather turns ugly or nasty, since either will handle well in slippery road conditions. Some of these types of SUVs also are great for off-road terrain.

Important Considerations for 7 Passenger SUV Buyers

If you are considering purchasing a 7 passenger SUV, there are a number of important considerations that you should make. First of all, you should consider the type of driving that you do. Do you drive in all weather conditions, due to the climate in your city? How much power are you looking for from the engine of your SUV? Do you need to carry cargo, and how much cargo do you need to carry? How many people do you transport regularly? Do you need a third row seat? How important is fuel economy to you? The size of engine and the power train in most 7 passenger SUVS is at minimum a V8. A hybrid SUV of this size can be quite fuel efficient. Some may be equipped with a V6 engine, but keep in mind that a large SUV with a V6 may lack the power of one with a larger engine. With a V8, acceleration should be effortless. If you are looking to tow with your SUV, then it is important to choose a model that has the bigger V8 engine, since heavy towing requires more power. You should also determine if you want to go with an automatic or manual transmission. As a general rule, an automatic transmission will provide you with improved fuel economy when compared to traditional manual or so-called ‘standard’ transmissions. Some people also find a manual transmission easier to drive.

Pricing for 7 Passenger SUVs

The bare-bones 7 passenger SUV will likely start out at around 30K, although a fully equipped SUV of this size can run more than 50K. A luxury large SUV can even run 60-70K, depending on which company makes it. For example, the GL-class from Mercedes Benz can be in the 60s. It is sometimes the case that a luxury SUV may have more power but poorer fuel economy and may require the use of premium fuels.

Safety Features of 7 Passenger SUVs

A big consideration for buyers of 7 passenger SUVs is the safety ratings of the SUV that they choose. Because the SUV is heavier on the top than a car, they tend to get rolled over more often. Look at the safety ratings of the SUVs that have made your short list in order to determine which is the safest. Most all SUVs now come equipped with side air bags and front airbags. Typically, the air bag will form a curtain that will cover both the front and rear side windows. This type of air bag is designed specifically to keep passengers of the SUV inside if a rollover should occur. Another important safety feature is electronic stability control. This feature automatically applies the brakes to the SUV to prevent it from sliding sideways. This is a standard feature on most new SUVs. This feature can help to reduce rollovers, too. Traction control is not a new safety feature but it is an important one. This feature allows the SUV to adjust to slippery road conditions. A handy feature of newer 7 passenger SUVs is the rear backup alert system. This audible alert lets you know when your bumper is coming close to a solid object. Some advanced safety features that are available include an automatic alert that will let emergency responders know if your air bag deploys and a camera in the rear that allows you to see better when you are backing up.

Extras for 7 Passenger SUVs

With 7 passenger SUVs being a major purchase, it is important to look for deals where you get as many bells and whistles as you can for the money you have to spend. Look for top of the line sounds systems, satellite radio, high definition radio, and ‘home theater’ goodies that have gone mobile, like DVD players to entertain the kiddies on the go. On board navigation is getting to be pretty much standard with SUVs today, so look for top notch navigation when buying a 7 passenger SUV new.

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